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English premiership question
Author: seso
Date: 11-09-2002, 10:47
Could someone explain to me why in the English Premiership there are always big differences between the number of matches played by the teams?? It's just the beginning of the season and already some teams have played 3 matches, other 4 and other 5... It can't be due to the european competitions because most of the teams haven't played a european match yet. Also if they just want to get more money from TV rights, why don't they follow what happens in other countries?? Have matches spread throughout 3 or 4 days of the week, but it should be the same matchday for all teams per week. I remember some years ago, Man Utd was 10 points ahead of Arsenal with a few matches left, but Arsenal ended up winning the championship because they had 4 games in hand... All these years in England, I never got it...

Re: English premiership question
Author: feelesh
Date: 11-09-2002, 11:34
Seso - 4 sides played last night and these are the four teams which have played 5 games, the remaining 16 teams will play tonight. Last night Arsenal's game was played for television and Middlesboro's local derby with Sunderland was played early because it would clash with Newcastle's home game, who are also from North East England.

After tonight's games all sides will have played 5 games apart from 4 sides on four games. These four sides include Fulham and Newcastle who both had midweek European matches (Intertoto and Champions League) and hence could not fulfil their Premiership obligations earlier in the season.

Re: English premiership question
Author: seso
Date: 11-09-2002, 14:12
It can't be just that. All six years I've been here, at any one moment, there are teams that have played 2 or 3 more matches than other. I remember last year, there were matches pending in the end of the season between teams that had no FA Cup or european competition matches left. We can check it this year and we will see specific examples. Why?? Besides that all the countries have european matches and cup matches but you won't find such discrepancies.

Re: English premiership question
Author: WiSK
Date: 11-09-2002, 15:10
What tends to happen in England towards the end of the season, is that certain clubs go further in the Worthington Cup or the FA Cup.

Your example with Arsenal from 1998 was that I think they had a couple of replays in the FA Cup and that put them behind in terms of Premiership matches.

Re: English premiership question
Author: putzeijs
Date: 12-09-2002, 09:28
In Belgium the situation isn't that bad as in England buth it's getting worse year after year. In Belgium (and in Holland) it is partly due to hooliganism. Some mayors don't allow what they call "risky games" to be played on an evening. Risky games are games between teams who had problems with their fans in the past and/or who have a lot of fans who travel to the away games. In my opinion this is the main problem. This happens of course mostly with teams involved with European games and games who have to come on Pay-TV. This causes problems in finding a suitable date to play, and differences in the number of games played.
Another rule in Belgium was (but is changed this year)that a team could ask not to play the game if 3 players were with their nation team. Especially with the Africa-cup this rules gave some problems too.