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automatic pts
Author: ianmorrison
Date: 24-07-2004, 21:50
I've not been on the website for ages but i noticed that teams that qualify automatically for CL have 3 team pts already. I thought it was only 1 point that they get. Is this new or am i mistaken?

Re: automatic pts
Author: Geordiepar
Date: 25-07-2004, 08:56
It's new for 2004/05. All teams qualifying for CL group stage get 3 points.

Re: automatic pts
Author: ianmorrison
Date: 25-07-2004, 15:36
That makes it so vital to qualify for the CL. Not only do you make a fortune out of it but it also gives you a major seeding boost!

Re: automatic pts
Author: Forza-AZ
Date: 25-07-2004, 16:44
Also new is that the teams that qualify for the 2nd round of the CL get 1 bonuspoint (was 0).
But teams in the UEFA-cup can also get extra points because they play 2 extra games in the 2nd round.

Re: automatic pts
Author: drcgian
Date: 26-07-2004, 16:11
This was a good move, because UCL teams play against strong opponents and are likely to lose a lot of points that a team with lower seeding that plays against weak teams on the UEFA Cup. The additional 2 pts. given for participating on the group stage of UCL give those teams a win in hand (for seeding calculation purposes).
Likely one additional point for participating in the semi-quarter finals (1/16) stage of UCL has been given on this rationale.
I just express my opinion, by no way do i represent any UEFA Official.

Re: automatic pts
Author: ianmorrison
Date: 28-07-2004, 00:57
I agree with you. Its easier to earn points in UEFA cup. This evens things up to some extent but its still probably a bit of an advanatage to be in Uefa for coefficients because of new group format. My team Rangers suffered last year by reaching CL group with a weak team and finishing last in group. In uefa cup they would likely have got through 2 or 3 rounds. The 3 pt bonus is an improvement though!

The advantage of the CL is the prestige and the extra money!

Re: automatic pts
Author: LevskiFan
Date: 28-07-2004, 02:12
I absolutely agree with u!I am really happy that my team Levski will play in the UEFA CUP instead in the CL!Especially this year we have the great chance of qualifying for the group stages as we will be seeded in the 2nd qualifying round and in the 1st!This year Bulgaria will gain more points than last year for sure!