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club brugge-chatareaux
Author: kurt
Date: 27-08-2004, 14:34
good draw for brugge i think

but chatareaux is that top in second devision ?
can anybody post here a site , where the standing if of division 2 ?

Re: club brugge-chatareaux
Author: arti
Date: 27-08-2004, 14:43

Re: club brugge-chatareaux
Author: Pelotas
Date: 27-08-2004, 14:44

As a Bruges fan you will be happy with this

Re: club brugge-chatareaux
Author: kurt
Date: 27-08-2004, 18:31
to pelotas

i am not a bugge fan, but i am very happy to know that the french team is last in the standing.

I hope all belgian clubs will do well, so that we in the countryranking will be 9. Not position 8, i hope uefa soon will make position 7,8,9,10 for five teams. Then belgium can grow in europe, now only anderlecht and brugge become stronger in europe.

i would rather had brugge in champions league.
last year unseeded knocked out dortmund
this year seeded losing against shaktar

that is football