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Author: BalkanTourist
Date: 15-09-2004, 07:44
Another unfair result today! I am myself a referee, and I try not to comment referee's decissions but it was so obvious that the man in black was helping the name "Milan". IMHO big teams do not need to be helped by referees. First the second yellow card for Srna was not right. There was a handball but it was unintentional. Then Kaka hadled the ball in Shaktar's pen. area. First half there was a clear offside when two players from Milan where left all alone against Lastuvka. Then there was a valid goal that the referee disallowed. And then it finally came 6 minutes from time....What a pitty!

Re: Shakhtar
Author: magNz
Date: 15-09-2004, 11:07
to err is human...

of course some of his decisions were doubtful, but i don?t think that the referee just helped the big name, what can he possibly gain from it.. ?

Re: Shakhtar
Author: Osirius
Date: 19-09-2004, 06:57
I don't know your reaction on my opinion but I think people underestimate teams from Ukraine and Russia.YES ther was a period in middle ninetees when economy of both countries was very poor.Now is everything is quite different,much money,many good players-may be not stars so far,but i think soon there will be.From my opinion Shakhtar may take 3rd place to beat Celtic.Dynamo will take fore sure 3rd may be even 2nd place,won't be suprised if 1st.CSKA Moscow will take 3rd at least,I hope 2nd.PSG is awfull at the moment,Porto is not as 2 last years,Chelsea doesn't look unbeatable,though CSKA may take as well 4th place.Dnepro from my opinion still favorite vs Haifa,though they don't have much money so no players.Zenit is for sure will be among 3 best teams in UEFA group.For those who saw 2 games against Pashing(2 awful games) don't think this is real Zenit,this was a period of 30 dayes which lasted 2 home loses in russian league and this two.It's alredy in the past.Terek has little chances to pass through.
Shaktar 3rd in group.
Dynamo up to 2nd in group.
CSKA up to 2nd in group.
Dnepro 55/45 to go to teh groups.
Zenit among 3 best in the group.
Terek 20/80 to beat Basel.

Re: Shakhtar
Author: JPV
Date: 19-09-2004, 09:53
"Now is everything is quite different,much money,many good players-may be not stars so far,but i think soon there will be."

but for how long? if you see almost all those teams are mafia-led, how will they survive in the future? you can't say the mafia is a stable business .

Re: Shakhtar
Author: Osirius
Date: 19-09-2004, 10:04
JPV don't know from where you have the info. about mafia)),Abramovitch from the same mafia in this case.And let's imagine if it is so,in Italy mafia leads football and they are still in the 3 rd place in coeff. table!!

Re: Shakhtar
Author: JPV
Date: 20-09-2004, 11:45
In Italy, most clubs aren't run by the mafia, or at least have a big variety of people who can take over.

In russia & Ukraine, you've got Shakhtar, CSKA Moskva, ... clubs who raised their budget to X times the former budget due to 1 person.

Chelsea is in the same situation, but already have a long history of a big budget.

Re: Shakhtar
Author: SHEV
Date: 20-09-2004, 23:08
A person who led Dynamo Kyiv has become member of UEFA executive commitee. Is this for long? It's not that mafia like in western Europe - there many people who became extremely reach in early 90-s stealing money. Now some of them has football clubs. And there is no way money will leave Dynamo Kyiv We'd better suffer from a hunger then suffer withut football

Re: Shakhtar
Author: arti
Date: 21-09-2004, 11:46
Osirius, as far as i remember some report I've read, Abramovitch "earned" his first million by stealing a train full of steel or soemething like that? Do you know anything about it?

Re: Shakhtar
Author: Osirius
Date: 21-09-2004, 11:55
no I don't))

Re: Shakhtar
Author: Stef
Date: 21-09-2004, 18:21
2 arti: it's a well-known enough information. Nobody can be sure if it is true, but it has been spoken about a lot.

Re: Shakhtar
Author: U@scorpion
Date: 22-09-2004, 15:22
Dynamo and Shakhtar will come out from groups. Money, not money... Dynamo was played in CL for 8th time in succession from 1997! It was come out to 1/2 final of CL a few years ago! It's a big experiment! Shakhtar is big ambition team now with new all-known coach Mirche Luchesku. I think Ukrainian teams to attain a big progress in this season. Amin.