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Champions that relegated next year
Author: akis71
Date: 18-09-2005, 04:16
Edited by: akis71
at: 18-09-2005, 04:16
I heard about the new loss of Rosenborg today and saw the standings and it is really possible to see them in second division next season. Has is ever happen a champion to be relegated next year in european leagues or even a team that played in champions league ? Of course i dont mean to be relegated due to penalties or to financial problems.
Concerning Rosenborg it is really unbeliavable to see a team that is champion for 10+ years in row not just to loose the tittle, not also to loose european competitions for next year but to fight to stay in top division. And to qualify to group stage of CL and get an away win at first game !!!

Re: Champions that relegated next year
Author: Michele
Date: 18-09-2005, 13:14
You don't have to travel far from Norway to find an example of that. In 2000, Herfølge won the danish championship as the most surprising champions ever. The following season, they played like everyone expected them to and was relegated.

Their European campaign included two 0-3 defeats to Rangers in CLQ r3, an extra time win over AIK Stockholm, also in the second league this season and a big defeat and a small win over AEK Athens.

Re: Champions that relegated next year
Author: anita
Date: 18-09-2005, 20:10
Celta Vigo ended up on 4th place in SPA PL in 2002-03, qualified for CLGS 2003-04 and even advanced to round 2 by e.g beating Milan on San Siro, but were relegated same season in SPA PL.

Re: Champions that relegated next year
Author: MalcolmW
Date: 18-09-2005, 21:24
Manchester City won the English league title in 1936-37 (with Manchester United relegated the same season). The next season Manchester City were relegated (with more goals scored than conceded!) and Manchester United were promoted.

Re: Champions that relegated next year
Author: mapfumo
Date: 18-09-2005, 21:34
Getting the champions relegated in the next season seems a Scandinavian specialty. It happened 4 times in Sweden, and 3 times in Finland, Norway and Denmark, who caught up in 2000/01. The Faroes also boast a case...

Algeria (2):
EP Sétif (champions 1987, relegated 1988)
USM El Harrach (champions 1998, relegated 1999)

Andorra (1):
Constel-lació Esportiva (champions 2000, relegated 2000) [1>

Austria (1):
FC Tirol Innsbruck (champions 2002, relegated 2002) [2>

Bolivia (1):
Universitario (La Paz) (champions 1969, relegated 1970)

Cameroon (1):
Aigle Nkongsamba (champions 1994, relegated 1995)

Chile (1):
Universidad Católica (champions 1954, relegated 1955) [3>

Denmark (3):
KB (champions 1950, relegated 1951)
Hvidovre (champions 1973, relegated 1974)
Herfølge BK (champions 2000, relegated 2001)

Dominican Republic (2):
Deportivo Pantoja (champions 2001, relegated 2002)
Baninter/Jarabacoa (champions 2003, relegated 2005) [no competition 2004>

Ecuador (1):
LDU (Quito) (champions 1999, relegated 2000)

England (1):
Manchester City (champions 1937, relegated 1938)

Faroe Islands (1):
B 71 (champions 1989, relegated 1990)

Finland (3):
Ilves-Kissat (champions 1950, relegated 1951)
TPV (champions 1994, relegated 1995)
Haka Valkeakoski (champions 1995, relegated 1996)

France (1):
Olympique Marseille (champions 1992, relegated 1994) [4>

Germany (1):
1.FC Nürnberg (champions 1968, relegated 1969)

Guinea Bissau (1):
UDIB (champions 2003, relegated 2004) [5>

Indonesia (2):
PSIS (Semarang) (champions 1999, relegated 2000)
Petrokimia Putra (Gresik) (champions 2002, relegated 2003)

Israel (2):
Hapoel Kfar-Saba (champions 1982, relegated 1983)
Hapoel Tel-Aviv (champions 1988, relegated 1989)

Italy (1):
Milan AC (champions 1979, relegated 1980) [6>

Jamaica (1):
Violet Kickers (champions 1996, relegated 1997)

Luxembourg (1):
Union Luxembourg (champions 1927, relegated 1928)

Malta (1):
Rabat Ajax (champions 1986, relegated 1987)

Mexico (1):
Marte (champions 1954, relegated 1955)

Netherlands (1):
RCH (champions 1953, relegated 1954)

Nigeria (2):
Stationery Stores (champions 1992, relegated 1993) [7>
Shooting Stars (champions 1998, relegated 1999)

Norway (3):
Freidig (Trondheim) (champions 1948, relegated 1949)
Fram (Larvik) (champions 1950, relegated 1951)
SK Brann (champions 1963, relegated 1964)

Poland (1):
Ogniwo Bytom (champions 1954, relegated 1955) [8>

San Marino (1):
La Fiorita (champions 1990, relegated 1991)

Sweden (4):
Helsingborgs IF (champions 1934, relegated 1935)
GAIS (champions 1954, relegated 1955)
Djurgårdens IF (champions 1959, relegated 1960)
IFK Göteborg (champions 1969, relegated 1970)

Uzbekistan (1):
MHSK Tashkent (champions 1997, relegated 1998)

Vietnam (1):
Cang Saigon (champions 2002, relegated 2003)

Wales (1):
Barry Town (champions 2003, relegated 2004)

[1> Constel-lació were relegated (and suspended for seven years) for
alleged bribe attempts and financial irregularities, not because
they finished on a relegation spot.
[2> FC Tirol Innsbruck were refused a professional license and
relegated two levels because of financial problems and not because
they finished on a relegation spot; at the moment of their relegation
they had won the Austrian league championship three times in succession.
[3> After the shock relegation of Universidad Católica, the rules were
adapted and relegation was decided on performances over more than
just the last season. Universidad Católica profited from this in
1960, when they finished last but Magallanes was relegated instead of
them. They then proved to really belong in the top division in the
most convincing manner, winning the title in 1961 (and reaching the
title playoff in 1962).
[4> Marseille were stripped of the 1992/93 championship following a bribery
scandal (the title was not awarded at all) and were relegated as a
punishment in 1993/94 at a time they were the last team to have won
the championship (legally) in 1991/92.
[5> UDIB were relegated after failing to show for their first two matches
in the 2004 season.
[6> Milan were relegated because of a bribery scandal involving their
championship season and not because they finished on a relegation
[7> Stationery Stores were relegated because of failing to complete
their fixtures, not because they finished on a relegation spot.
[8> Ogniwo was the temporary name of Polonia Bytom, who later merged
with Szombierki Bytom.

EP Sétif's relegation was all the more shocking because they went on to win the African Champions' Cup (for which they had qualified as Algerian champions 1986/87) at the end of 1988, becoming continental champions as a second division club!

KB were Danish champions in 1948, 1949 and 1950, were relegated in 1951, won promotion in 1952, and won the championship again in 1953 - six eventful seasons...

Haka had an eventful six-year sequence in Finland: champions 1995, relegated 1996, promoted 1997 (and winning the cup as a second division team!), and champions 1998, 1999 and 2000, but they failed to emulate ÍA's feat of five consecutive titles after promotion.

SK Brann were Norwegian champions twice before going down in 1964: they won the Norwegian league both in 1961/62 and 1963 - and since they were relegated in 1959/60 and promoted in 1960/61, they had a series of 5 very eventful seasons. They also had a remarkable 8-season series from 1979 to 1986: going down, going up, going down...

Another team who had been champions twice before getting relegated is Helsingborgs IF: Swedish champions in 1932/33 and 1933/34, they went down in 1934/35 and needed two seasons to bounce back.

Moreover, LDU from Quito were champions of Ecuador in 1998 and 1999 before suffering relegation on the final day of the Clausura 2000.

Finally, Jarabacoa had been champions of the Dominican Republic (as Baninter) in 2001 and 2002/03 (the first two editions of the Liga Mayor) before being relegated in 2004/05 (the third edition). Apart from KB, Brann and Haka, the only other team to have both been crowned champions immediately following promotion and relegated as champions is Fram (Larvik).

Whereas 1964, 1998 and 2003 saw 4 promoted teams winning their domestic league, in 1951 three Nordic champions went down (KB, Ilves-Kissat and Fram (Larvik)), while 1955 (Marte, Universidad Católica, Polonia Bytom and GAIS) saw four reigning champions relegated.

Finland is the only country which had reigning champions relegated in consecutive years.

Nigeria had both its champions relegated and a newly promoted team crowned champions in 1999! The same happened in Vietnam and in Indonesia in 2003, before the Dominican Republic joined their company in 2005.

Manchester City's relegation was all the weirder because they scored more goals in 1937/38 than any other English first division club and had a positive goal difference.

All from

Re: Champions that relegated next year
Author: seso
Date: 19-09-2005, 09:40
Panathinaikos is 12th (out of 16 clubs) after 3 matches in the Greek championship!!! The club has reached the final of the European Champion's cup in 1971, the semi-finals of the CL in 1996 etc

Re: Champions that relegated next year
Author: sexxes
Date: 21-09-2005, 06:12
There is one more team from Norway.

Lyn(Oslo) was champions 1968, relagated 1969 (we're even, I didn't remember Fram(Larvik)).