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End the madness!!!!!!
Author: miktceltic
Date: 16-05-2006, 20:06
Although a recent visiter to the forum, i have found myself hooked on seedings and coefficents etc etc etc. As with everyone else ive forgotten the purpose of the CL or Uefa for that purpose. Check the POT 1 of the seedings in the CL, 2 Esp, 3 Ita and 3 Eng. I believe the mission statement of uefa is to promote and encourage football in all countries of europe, not to pay the largest amount of money from tv to the countries who have already got the most money. The G14 clubs are going to ruin this competition. Lets have a champions league for all the champions of europe. Discuss pl

Re: End the madness!!!!!!
Author: hejazia
Date: 16-05-2006, 21:02
From a sporting view you are absolutely correct it would be better to have only champions play. But unfortunately money rules, and money says that the big markets of europe must have as many teams as possible in the competition. Business is Business.

Re: End the madness!!!!!!
Author: Giuseppe
Date: 16-05-2006, 21:07
This is what I have written on another thread. I wasn't refering to the UCL in particular, but I think some things are worth discussing:

The unfairness in football comes from other aspects of the game and unfortunately many of them can't be adressed because of European law:
- football corporatism - a club like Chelsea/Real Madrid/AC Milan can afford to buy literally all the players in Divizia A for example; players are bought for ridiculously large sums of money. If a big club is prepared to to offer 60-80 million Euros for a player that in 10-15 years time would be largely forgotten then how much a player a Pele's or Maradona's stature would be worth? 200 million? 300 million? If you ask me no player in the world is worth more than 30 million Euros...
- huge wages are being paid to players; more and more players go in the 5-10 million Euros/year range. There should be salary caps, but no one is willing to take such a step.
- there is no more national identity to clubs; you see clubs that have 20 foreigners and only 3 or 4 nationals. This is one of the things that can't be adressed due to European law.
- UEFA pretends to support football development at grass-roots level, yet it actually does nothing. I wonder what exactly happens with the huge sums of money that UEFA makes each year? If anyone has ever seen a detailed account issued by UEFA about what happens with this money please inform me, 'casue God knows I have never seen one.
- UEFA ask more and more from football clubs. The UEFA club licensing requirements become harder and harder to meet by many football clubs, yet UEFA does nothing to help them. The message is clear - you don't meet our standards = you don't compete!
Feel free to add more to this list because its definitely is incomplete.
I know, I know - this is globalization at its best. The only thing is that the last time I checked football was still a form of sport and not an industry. If I'm some sort of masochist that enjoys to watch industry at its best (or worst) I can go to the edge of Bucharest and watch the powerplants in action or I can tune to the Discovery Channel and watch "Industrial Revelations" or "How It's Made"...