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Country versus Country = KO!
Author: Aliceag
Date: 03-04-2008, 18:57
Seeing what happened to Portugal this year has reminded me of a question: Has ever happened a top15 country being totally stole their coeff points by another country?

That means, all teams from that country being knocked out by teams of other country?

This year
Bayern -> Belenenses KO
Bayer -> Leiria KO
Werder -> Braga KO
Shalke -> Porto KO

Four portuguese teams were knocked out by german teams, thus giving germany a bunch of points of portuguese coefficient.

Put this:

What is the main "giver" from the past years and to whom?
Has ever happened a total knock-out of a top15 country by the same?

Re: Country versus Country = KO!
Author: jlennon
Date: 03-04-2008, 23:10
All teams?

Benfica actually knocked out Nürnberg in UC.