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Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: Axel
Date: 02-10-2009, 18:10
Austria's coef is 6.125 after Matchday 2.
With all 4 teams in competition and Rapid & Salzburg doing pretty good, I'd say an increase of 1 point (4 points in total from 4 teams) per matchday is doable.
So they could reach this mark even before the winter break?
If not, then possibly afterwards?

In passing, they should top their record of 7.750 (00/01) and reach place 19 in the current Country Ranking.

What do you think about Austria?

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: moro
Date: 02-10-2009, 19:32
It's my favourite country for summer vacations after Romania, so I give you my vote.
I think they can do it. But I'm confused about the strenght of austrians teams - Sturm was so miserable against Dinamo B...

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: bbi
Date: 02-10-2009, 19:36
very impressive performance so far by them. I think is very easy for them to get past 10 points. For example Austria Wien and Strum should both get 2 - 3 points in the remaining matches or even beter while Salzburg and Rapid showed they have the quality to both get 4 - 5 points especially as they have now the 2 "easiest" matches for them in the group stage.

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: Philipp
Date: 02-10-2009, 19:37
Edited by: Philipp
at: 02-10-2009, 19:41
i am from Austria and here is what i think:

why are we suddenly perfoming so good? around 8 years ago our FA startet a new youth project with the clubs from the first and second league. as everybody knows, it takes a few years until those projects "produce" the first good players. i would say, the first good results we had in 2007, when our U20 became 4th at the WC in Canada. in 2008 the U21 missed the qualification for the the EC in Sweden against Finland on penalties but before that match, they were unbeaten for 15 matches.

so now our clubs have very good players in the age between 18 and 21. last year Sebastian Prödl from Sturm Graz was sold for 2,5m to Bremen, two months ago Napoli payed 5m for Jimmy Hoffer from Rapid.
but there are so many more players that will follow them: Jakob Jantscher, Daniel Beichler, Andreas Hölzl (Sturm), Yasin Pehlivan, Christopher Drazan, Veli Kavlak (Rapid) or Rubin Okotie from Austria.

we also have around 100 youth players in academies abroad, the most famous are David Alaba (Bayern Munich, he was called for the WCQ in Paris although he is still 17), Andreas Weimann (Aston Villa) and Philipp Prosenik (Chelsea).

the team, that played in September against the Faeroe and Romania had an average age of 22!

a few years ago, there were 100 players from abroad in the Bundesliga, Christoph Daum (former trainer of Austria Vienna) said, that the managers are going for summer holidays to the Balaton and take three waiters as players back to Austria.
today, there are 60 players from abroad and all those are really good players, so that they can really help the clubs, there are no average players from other countries in the Bundesliga. so our young Austrians get more time on the pitch, what is very important for them to improve.

about the chances in EL:

they played very well against Villarreal, it looks like, that Huub Stevens found his squad. now there are two games against Lewski, which seems to be in a crisis. but those matches are very dangerous, because everybody expects Salzburg to win.

you can say about them the same as about Salzburg. the matches against Hapoel will be very dangerous, because our media will underestimate them.

i agree with their coach, Galatasaray will win the group, the race for the second spot is open.

no chances for reaching teh next round, but i think they can grab points at home versus Bilbao and on Madeira.

our clubs sold 300.000 (!) tickets for their EL-home matches. i think this shows, that football is "in" in Austria.

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: moro
Date: 02-10-2009, 20:04
I'd add to that a beautiful unexpected performance at Euro 2008 (I'm not joking, Austria was an offensive team).
Last year Salzburg had bad luck against Shakhtar (or was it two years ago?) in CL last qr - they were qualified few minutes before the end. Maybe there was more bad luck for austrians, I didn't follow those teams before.

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: ssrree
Date: 02-10-2009, 20:45
Austrian clubs are sensation this year.Unbelivible,nobody didnt expect that all Austrian clubs will play in EL.And they play very successfully,especialy Salzburg and Rapid!

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: Zhund0r
Date: 03-10-2009, 11:56
I think it's a bit of hype because of the EC 2008. That's always a positive factor.

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: spartaan
Date: 05-10-2009, 20:21
Don't forget Arnautovic, a very talented player
sold for 9 m to inter from twente.
In my opinion a kind of ibrahimovic.

I 'm hopefull for Austria in the future

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: Olympiakos
Date: 05-10-2009, 23:29
No they won't...

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: mozart
Date: 12-10-2009, 18:28
As Philipp already mentioned the Youth Programm in Austria implemented years ago now show results. Austrian U 20, U19...etc can compete with the best teams in Europe and this we will see in the next years too. The National Team is very young and show an upward trend.
For EL I would predict Salzburg and Rapid Vienna for Q16 and then everything is possible. The upward trend from Red Bull Salzburg is obvious. They almost struggled in Q1 to Bohemia Dublin. The new system of Coach Huub Stevens is now working well. Rapid has quality too. So I guess the 10pts mark can be surpassed. And for the next season Salzburg, Rapid and Austria Vienna (depend who will be Champion) will be seeded in Q4 in EL and do not have to play against teams like Sevilla, Sh. Donetsk or Aston Villa anymore.

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: Axel
Date: 23-10-2009, 21:21
Yesterday, Austria got 3 points.
Rapid Wien and Sturm Graz lost away, Austria Wien did a nice draw, Salzburg won from Levski.
Austria's coefficient is 6.875 now.
It's getting harder but the race continues, 3 matchdays to go.

Re: Austria cracks the 10pts mark?
Author: Archymedes
Date: 05-11-2009, 13:52
Edited by: Archymedes
at: 05-11-2009, 13:53
would be an historical event.

Although Salzburg and Rapid are performing quite well, I do not expect to get a lot of points from Sturm Graz or Austria Wien ( not one won match so far, so together maybe 3 points for the last 3 rounds).
Salzburg may win against Sofia ( crisis ) and gain another point from one of the other teams ( 4 ), they will take it easy as they are almost fixed for 1/16 finals.
Rapid Wien is obliged to win at least 2 times and as they allways play very strong at home ( especially in the big stadion with 50.000 fans) I bet they can gain 6 points out of the 2 home matches, whether or not they advance to 1/16 finals.

Coming back to the young players in austria, I would love to see Sturm Graz and Rapid Wien advance because they really have, and developed, a lot of young players by themselves. Especially Graz has the youngest team in austria with 24,7 years and the young players really DO play instead of just being in the rooster!

I believe in the 10 points, but the austrian teams would need some especially good matches to succeed.

btw take a look at the actual country coefficient ranking of only this year where austria is on rank 5 BEFORE todays matches ( as they dont have any CL temas ).