Suspension Rules per Country

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Suspension Rules per Country

Postby Ohio » Sat Jul 27, 2013 17:57

I am interested what difference there are in Suspension Rules.

It would be nice to collect a list and discuss which is good and bad about each one.


A Red Card = Suspension for One match and a $250 Fine

Five Yellow Cards = One match Suspension and a $250 Fine.


Further Three cards = One Match Suspension and a $500 Fine.

Then Three more Yellow Cards = One Match Suspension $750 Fine

Two More Yellow Cards = Suspension and $1000 Fine

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Re: Suspension Rules per Country

Postby Friesland » Sat Jul 27, 2013 19:07

In the Netherlands a player is suspended (for 1 league match) after:
- five yellow cards,
- seven yellow cards,
- nine yellow cards,
- eleven yellow card,
- each yellow card thereafter.
cards awarded in the last and second to last round of the previous season are also taken into account, but only in case they didn't result in a suspension.

For the Cup competition and Play-offs the rule is that two yellow cards result in a suspension, as well as the fourth and fifth ("every next") yellow card.

In the Johan Cruijff Schaal two yellow cards results in a suspension for the next JCS the team of the player plays. This suspension is suspended after three seasons (since there is only one such match every year).

2 yellow cards also result in a 1 match suspension.

The above suspensions are only applicable to the competition in which the cards were awarded.

For a straight red card there a different lengths of suspension, depending on the foul. Also suspensions due to a straight red card are applicable to every domestic competition.

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Postby greenbay » Sat Jul 27, 2013 20:55


a) 1 game suspension after 5, 10, 15... yellow cards during the Bundesliga season.

b) 1 game suspension after two yellow cards in the same match. Those yellow cards are not counted against rule a). So if a player starts the match with 4 yellow cards, gets booked, he misses the next match due to rule a). But if he receives a second yellow card, he misses the next match due to rule b) and restarts with 4 yellow cards in the match after that.

c) 1 game up to x games suspension after a straight red card. Players who collect two straight red cards within the current season or the season before, get at an additional 1 game repeat offender suspension added on top, so at least 2 games.

Unless ruled otherwise due to special circumstances, suspensions only count for the same competion. So a player can be suspended for the next three Bundesliga matches, but may start in the next cup game during such league suspension.

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Postby scapulaire24 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 22:23

France Ligue 1 :

Red card : 1 game minimum
Yelow card : 1 game for 3 yellows in 10 consecutive games. (including French cup and League cup).

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Postby HibeeJibee » Sat Jul 27, 2013 22:48


I think... it's complicated...

Yellow Cards

* cups... once a player has received 2 yellow cards in the cup that season (i.e. in 2 different games) he is suspended from the next match in that cup
[Slight variation in cups where some sides enter in earlier rounds so for example in League Cup Final, sides entering R2 permitted 3 yellows]

* league... once a player had built-up 6 yellow cards he gets 1-game ban; then after another 6 yellow cards he gets 2-game ban; and so on.

Red Cards made by 2x yellow

* cups... he is suspended from the next match in the cup

* league... he is suspended from the next match in the league bar one, so if sentoff for 2 yellow cards on 3rd August will miss match on 17th August not 10th August. Next time player is sentoff for 2 yellow cards, he misses 2 games; next time 3 games; and so on.

Straight Red Cards
... misses next 2 matches in any competition (really league, Scottish Cup, League Cup or Challenge Cup: regional cups and reserve tournaments do not count as some clubs used to re-arrange matches in them to make the player available for the 'important' game they would otherwise miss).

Again, if you do it another time in the same competition the ban increases by 1 game, so it would be 3 matches, then 4 matches, etc.

Note: denying a goalscoring opportunity is treated the same as 2 yellows. Apply to everything else (violent conduct, spitting, serious foul play, etc.).

Players can receive bans of additional games depending how severe their particular offence was.

Yellow cards in abandoned games get expunged. Red cards in them aren't.

Overall it isn't simple, but far simpler than it used to be.

e.g. until 2011 each different yellow card offence had its own "point total".

When a player passed through a threshold of X points be got 1-game ban.

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Postby Kjello » Wed Jul 31, 2013 15:44


Yellow cards
1 match ban after 3 cards. And then 5, 7, 9, 11 cards and so on.

Only a few years ago it was after 3 cards, 5 cards, 6 cards, 7 cards and so on.

Two yellow in one match
1 match ban.

Direct red or yellow and then direct red
Depends on the act that gives direct red. Can give anything from 1 to 6 matches ban. But most get either 1 match or 2 matches.

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Postby MiMu » Fri Nov 01, 2013 14:23

I have a similar question regarding suspensions after denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity:

In Germany the suspension is increased by 1 (from one to two games suspension) if the awarded penalty is missed.

Is this a special german rule or does this rule exist in other domestic leagues too?

Thanks for your help.

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Postby Forza AZ » Fri Nov 01, 2013 15:10

MiMu wrote:Is this a special german rule or does this rule exist in other domestic leagues too?

I have never heard of such a rule before.

I imagine this can lead to a strange situation. When a team plays 1 of it's rivals for championship or relegation and is already certain of winning or losing the match they can miss the penalty on purpose to make sure the send of player of their rivals will miss 1 extra match.

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Postby skivaz » Mon Nov 04, 2013 21:08

In Italy the yellow cards rule works like this:
after the 4th yellow card,
after the 7th yellow card,
after the 9th yellow card
after the 11th yellow card
every yellow card thereafter.

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Postby _GS_ » Mon Nov 04, 2013 21:30

in Turkey it's simple.. 1 match suspension for each 4 yellow cards, no matter how many times you repeat those "4"s. second yellow cards in a single match arent added to that 4.

for example, this guy is amazing. he had 13 yellow cards last season, but he managed to play in 28 of 34 matches

also he "only" had 18 yellows and 2 reds in 2011-12, 11 yellows and 1 red in 2010-11, 13 yellows in 2009-10... this season he has some limited playing time, so far only playing about the duration of a 3½ match, but he has already been booked four times. he cant stop :D he seems to make all "dirty work" for his team. but i think that's acceptable. he plays for lower/lower-mid table teams without huge budgets to attract and/or keep talented creative midfielders. bitter maybe, but a fact of football..

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Postby greenbay » Tue Nov 05, 2013 20:20

MiMu wrote:I have a similar question regarding suspensions after denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity:

In Germany the suspension is increased by 1 (from one to two games suspension) if the awarded penalty is missed.

Is this a special german rule or does this rule exist in other domestic leagues too?

Thanks for your help.

The length of a suspension is always in the sole discretion of the governing FA. There are no FIFA or UEFA standards for this. So yes, this is very likely a special rule here in Germany. But it's the other way around. It's not that the suspension is increased by one if the penalty is missed.

In fact, the standard length of suspension for denying an obvious scoring opportunity is two games. But it may possibly be reduced to one game if several circumstances are met, usually three combined: a) it was a principally harmless foul like shirt pulling, b) the ensuing penalty was converted, c) the player is no repeat offender within the current season or the last.

On top, there as a strong debate in Germany to abolish the red card at all if a penalty is awarded. Or at least not to suspend the player for the next game if the penalty was converted. But here FIFA rules prevent that. The red card is mandatory as is a minimum suspension of one game.

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