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FIFA Club World Cup 2025

UEFA European Cup Football
by Bert Kassies

If you have any information about data at this page being incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date, please send a message to bert@kassiesa.net. Please note that not all details of the FIFA 4-year club ranking have been confirmed.

The FIFA Council approved the slot allocation for the 32-team FIFA Club World Cup that will be played every four years as of June 2025, and the key principles of the access list for the tournament. See FIFA Council decisions.

UEFA got 12 slots: 4 slots for the UEFA Champions League winners from 2021 to 2024, and 8 additional teams to be determined by a club ranking based on the same 4-year period. If a club wins two or more editions of UEFA Champions League during the 2021-2024 period then an additional club based on the club ranking will be granted access. And a cap of two clubs per country will be applied to the access list with an exception in case that more than two clubs from the same country win the UEFA Champions League over the 4-year period.

The calculation method for the 4-year club ranking will be based on sporting criteria from 2021 to 2024. Further consultation will follow with UEFA and stakeholders to define the calculation method of the club ranking.

The following winners of the UEFA Champions League already qualified:
• 2020/21: Chelsea (England),
• 2021/22: Real Madrid (Spain), and
• 2022/23: Manchester City (England).

So, no more English clubs and only one more Spanish club may qualify by means of the club ranking. The final calculation method of the club ranking is still not published. But, let's assume that the method will be the same as used for the UEFA 5-year club ranking (including bonus points, Europa League, and Conference League match results). In that case we can use UEFA's 5-year Club Ranking of 2025 as the 4-year FIFA club ranking (as long as the 2024/25 season has zero points).

See 4-year UEFA Club Ranking 2021/24

Please note that not all details of the FIFA 4-year club ranking have been confirmed.

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