Reforming the Euro qualifiers and Nations League

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Reforming the Euro qualifiers and Nations League

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Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum! :)

I would like to show you my plan to reform the Euro Q and Nations League. Hope you enjoy it!

My plan is simple and straight to the point.

Euro Q: 5 leagues of 11 teams, each team plays their league opponents once (home or away); after all the games are played, teams are ranked. The top 2 teams from each league qualify for the euros and the nations league, teams ranked third to fifth qualify for the euro3 league, teams ranked sixth to eighth qualify for the euro 4 league and the remaining teams qualify for the euro 5 league.

Before i continue, let me elaborate on this idea: i created the euro 3/4/5 leagues to keep teams in contention until the end.

Now, the nations league.

According to each teams ranking, teams play in one of the four leagues.

Nations league: each team is in one of the four leagues bases on their performance in the qualifiers.

League a: 10 teams, 2 groups of 3/1 group of 4. Teams play each other group team home and away. The group winners and runner up from the 4-team group qualify for the finals. There would be semifinals, 3rd place game and the final.

League b: 15 teams, 5 groups of 3, home and away. Group winners qualify for the euros, remaining 10 drop to the league c finals.

League c: 15 teams, 5 groups of 3, home and away. Top 2 and 10 worst teams qualify for the finals, with a two round system to decide 5 euro spots. The 20 losers drop down to the league d finals.

League d: 15 teams, 5 groups of 3, home and away. Group winners qualify for the playoff finals with the 20 losers from league c.

Playoffs: 4 spots, 4 playoffs. 3 playoffs with 6 teams (1 league d group winner in each playoff) and 1 playoff with 7 teams (2 league d group winners). Playoffs would have the following format: a league d group winner is given a bye to semifinales and the other teams in that playoff play a first round. After the first round, the semifinals and finals are played. Note: with 5 league d winners, one playoff would have 2 league d winners, so put 2 in a 6-team playoff.

What do you guys think of my ideas? Should i send this idea to UEFA and wait for my check?
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