Uefa Euro 2020 my predictions

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Uefa Euro 2020 my predictions

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Here are my predictions for the group stage.

This is what i think the final standings will look like (Teams in bold into last 16)

Group A
Pos Team
A1 Turkey
A2 Italy
A3 Wales
A4 Switzerland

Switzerland, Wales, Italy, Turkey

Group B
Pos Team
B1 Denmark
B2 Finland
B3 Belgium
B4 Russia

Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Finland

Group C
Pos Team
C1 Netherlands
C2 Ukraine
C3 Austria
C4 North Macedonia

Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia, Ukraine

Group D
Pos Team
D1 England
D2 Croatia
D3 Scotland
D4 Czech Republic

England, Scotland, Croatia, Czech Republic

Group E
Pos Team
E1 Spain
E2 Sweden
E3 Poland
E4 Slovakia

Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia

Group F
Pos Team
F1 Hungary
F2 Portugal
F3 France
F4 Germany

Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary

What do you think (I will work out knockout bracket whenever i can be bothered)
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