Category N Host Country (N=1,2 or 3)?

including formats, draws, seedings, etc.
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Category N Host Country (N=1,2 or 3)?

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Wasn't sure where the best place to post this query was but settled for this section as it appears technical.

Does anyone know what the above subject heading means, referred to in various UEFA regulation documents but not explained :question:

I do know that it is nothing to do with stadium categorization which I am aware of. It seems to refer to the specific GDP of the country concerned by the notes around it and the context in which it has been used. But how is it decided into which category each country, (association), falls into :question:

I had some vague recollection that this might have been discussed on here before perhaps years ago, but I couldn't find it in a search of the site.

I would be grateful if anyone has knowledge of this technical issue and could provide an answer here.
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