Joint TV rights for TOP5 heavyweights as Super League alternative

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Joint TV rights for TOP5 heavyweights as Super League alternative

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The big guns are looking to get more and more money from the market, so... why do not they combine forces to create one common calendar for league classics and to sell TV rights for the Euro Match of the Week as a consortium?

Prime time for particular leagues:
ENGLAND Sat 6:30 pm and Sun 5:30 pm CET
SPAIN Sat 9 pm and Sun 4:15 pm CET
ITALY Sat 8:45 pm and Sun 9:45 pm CET
GERMANY Sat 6:30 and 5:30 pm CET one
FRANCE Sat 9 pm CET and Sun 8:45 pm CET

The clue is to set up just 1h45min slot on each Saturday and each Sunday when no other games are played in TOP5 leagues and... all the world will focus on the Match of the Week. No more split of TV viewers between the leagues as it has been many times (tonight's example: La Liga Valencia - RM; Ligue 1 PSG - OL; Serie A Juve - Milan right at the same time).

The surplus generated due to the consolidation may be distributed just to the clubs participating in the Match of the Week package [accordingly to its popularity].

If there was a place for a few classics from other leagues, then it would be even greater (Benfica - Porto, Rangers - Celtic or PSV - Ajax being broadcasted in the restricted time slot means the great promotion for the teams and their leagues respectively).

Looking at the number of teams participating in the largest leagues (20), it would be essential to type 38 classics from all involved leagues.

Let's start with it!

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Sevilla, Valencia - 10 matches between all of them
Man. United, Liverpool, Man. City, Chelsea, Spurs - 10 matches
Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli- 6 matches
Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig, Leverkusen - 6 matches
PSG, OL, OM, Monaco - 6 matches
Porto, Benfica - 1 match
PSV, Ajax - 1 match to
Rangers, Celtic - 1 match
41 matches [just take out (a) 3 non-TOP5 clashes or (b) 3 least exciting games taking into account league table in the course of the season.
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