Qualification 2021/2022

UEFA European Cup Football
by Bert Kassies

This page shows a list of clubs qualified for the 2021/2022 season of the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Europa Conference League. In this list the country coefficients are from the UEFA Country Ranking 2020 and the club coefficients from the UEFA Club Ranking 2021. The club coefficients are used for seeding of draws. See UEFA European Cup Football for more information.

For details, see the new Access List 2021/2022 and 2021-24 qualifying scheme. Many qualification details may be found in the official CL regulations (pdf or online), the EL regulations (pdf or online), and the ECL regulations (pdf or online). A nice overview of the 2021/22 season of European football is given by wikipedia 2021/22 CL, 2021/22 EL and 2021/22 ECL.

The number of clubs of each country is determined by the position in the UEFA Country Ranking 2020. All participating teams must have obtained a licence for European football issued by the corresponding national association in accordance with the UEFA Club Licensing Regulations.

The Champions League title holder (Chelsea) qualified already for the CL group stage by the domestic league. The access list will be re-balanced as follows:

  1. The champion of Turkey (Besiktas) moves from CL-PO to CL-GS,
  2. The champion of Denmark (Brøndby IF) moves from CL-Q3 to CL-PO,
  3. The champion of Czech Republic (Slavia Praha) moves from CL-Q2 to CL-Q3,
  4. The champions of Greece (Olympiakos Piraeus) and Serbia (Red Star Belgrade) move from CL-Q1 to CL-Q2,
  5. As a result there will be only 16 CL-Q1 losers in ECL-Q2ch, one of them gets a bye to ECL-Q3ch (to be determined by a draw).

The Europa League title holder (Villarreal) qualified already for the play-off round of the Europa Conference League. The access list will be re-balanced as follows:

  1. The cup winners of Switzerland (FC Luzern) and Greece (PAOK Thessaloniki) move from ECL-Q2 to ECL-Q3,
  2. The cup winners of Slovenia (Olimpija Ljubljana), Hungary (Újpest TE), Lithuania (FK Panevezys), and the runners-up from Luxembourg (F91 Dudelange) move from ECL-Q1 to ECL-Q2.

The Europa Conference League title holder spot in the Europa League group stage will not be used because it is the first season of the Europa Conference League. The access list will be re-balanced as follows:

  1. The cup winner of Russia (Lokomotiv Moscow) moves from EL-PO to EL-GS,
  2. The cup winner of Denmark (Randers FC) moves from EL-Q3 to EL-PO,
  3. The cup winner of Cyprus (Anorthosis Famagusta) moves from from ECL-Q2 to EL-Q3,
  4. The runner-up of Slovakia (DAC Dunajska Streda) and the cup winner of Liechtenstein (FC Vaduz) move from ECL-Q1 to ECL-Q2.

  1 Spain                        102.283
     CH=Atlético Madrid          115.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=Real Madrid              127.000 (CL-GS)
     N3=FC Barcelona             122.000 (CL-GS)
     N4=Sevilla                   98.000 (CL-GS)
     N5=Real Sociedad             19.571 (EL-GS)
     N6=Real Betis                19.571 (EL-GS)
  EL-TH=Villarreal                63.000 (CL-GS)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, marca)
(cup winner: FC Barcelona, wiki, sw)
  2 England                       90.462
     CH=Manchester City          125.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=Manchester United        113.000 (CL-GS)
     N3=Liverpool                101.000 (CL-GS)
     N4=Chelsea                   98.000 (CL-GS)
     CW=Leicester City            32.000 (EL-GS)
     N6=West Ham United           20.113 (EL-GS)
     N7=Tottenham Hotspur         88.000 (ECL-PO)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, bbc)
(cup winner: Leicester City, wiki, sw, bbc, fa)
(league cup winner: Manchester City, wiki)
  3 Germany                       74.784
     CH=Bayern München           134.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=RB Leipzig                66.000 (CL-GS)
     N3=Borussia Dortmund         90.000 (CL-GS)
     N4=VfL Wolfsburg             14.714 (CL-GS)
     N5=Eintracht Frankfurt       33.000 (EL-GS)
     N6=Bayer Leverkusen          57.000 (EL-GS)
     N7=Union Berlin              14.714 (ECL-PO)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, kicker)
(cup winner: Borussia Dortmund, wiki, sw, kicker)
  4 Italy                         70.653
     CH=Internazionale            53.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=AC Milan                  31.000 (CL-GS)
     N3=Atalanta                  50.500 (CL-GS)
     N4=Juventus                 120.000 (CL-GS)
     N5=Napoli                    74.000 (EL-GS)
     N6=Lazio                     44.000 (EL-GS)
     N7=AS Roma                   90.000 (ECL-PO)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, gazzetta)
(cup winner: Juventus, wiki, sw)
  5 France                        59.248
     CH=Lille OSC                 14.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=Paris Saint-Germain      113.000 (CL-GS)
     N3=AS Monaco                 36.000 (CL-Q3nc)
     N4=Olympique Lyon            76.000 (EL-GS)
     N5=Olympique Marseille       28.000 (EL-GS)
     N6=Stade Rennais             19.000 (ECL-PO)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, l'equipe)
(cup winner: Paris Saint-Germain, wiki, sw, fff)
  6 Portugal                      49.449
     CH=Sporting CP Lisbon        45.500 (CL-GS)
     N2=FC Porto                  87.000 (CL-GS)
     N3=Benfica                   58.000 (CL-Q3nc)
     CW=Sporting Braga            35.000 (EL-GS)
     N5=Paços de Ferreira          9.709 (ECL-Q3)
     N6=CD Santa Clara             9.709 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, abola)
(cup winner: Sporting Braga, wiki, sw, fpf)
  7 Russia                        45.549
     CH=Zenit St. Petersburg      50.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=Spartak Moscow            18.500 (CL-Q3nc)
     CW=Lokomotiv Moscow          31.000 (EL-GS)
     N4=Rubin Kazan                7.676 (ECL-Q3)
     N5=FC Sochi                   7.676 (ECL-Q2)
(league:, wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup: Lokomotiv Moscow, wiki, sw, rfs)
  8 Belgium                       37.900
     CH=Club Brugge               35.500 (CL-GS)
     N2=Racing Genk               30.000 (CL-Q3nc)
     N3=Royal Antwerp             10.500 (EL-PO)
     N4=Anderlecht                25.000 (ECL-Q3)
     N5=AA Gent                   26.500 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Racing Genk, wiki, sw)
  9 Ukraine                       36.100
     CH=Dinamo Kiev               47.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=Shakhtar Donetsk          79.000 (CL-Q3nc)
     N3=Zorya Luhansk             15.000 (EL-PO)
     N4=Kolos Kovalivka            6.620 (ECL-Q3)
     N5=Vorskla Poltava            6.620 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, fpl)
(cup winner: Dinamo Kiev, wiki, sw)
 10 Netherlands                   35.750
     CH=Ajax                      82.500 (CL-GS)
     N2=PSV Eindhoven             29.000 (CL-Q2nc)
     N3=AZ Alkmaar                21.500 (EL-PO)
     N4=Vitesse Arnhem             7.840 (ECL-Q3)
     N5=Feyenoord                 21.000 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, vi)
(cup winner: Ajax, wiki, sw, knvb)
 11 Turkey                        33.600
     CH=Besiktas                  49.000 (CL-GS)
     N2=Galatasaray               17.000 (CL-Q2nc)
     N3=Fenerbahçe                19.500 (EL-PO)
     N4=Trabzonspor                6.020 (ECL-Q3)
     N5=Sivasspor                  6.020 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Besiktas, wiki, sw, tff)
 12 Austria                       32.925
     CH=FC Salzburg               59.000 (CL-PO)
     N2=Rapid Wien                17.000 (CL-Q2nc)
     N3=Sturm Graz                 7.165 (EL-PO)
     N4=LASK                      21.000 (ECL-Q3)
     N5=Austria Wien              10.000 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, bundesliga)
(cup winner: FC Salzburg, wiki, sw, oefb)
 13 Denmark                       29.250
     CH=Brøndby IF                 7.000 (CL-PO)
     N2=FC Midtjylland            13.500 (CL-Q2nc)
     CW=Randers FC                 5.575 (EL-PO)
     N3=FC København              43.500 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=AGF Aarhus                 5.575 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, sl)
(cup winner: Randers FC, wiki, sw, dbu)
 14 Scotland                      27.875
     CH=Glasgow Rangers           31.250 (CL-Q3)
     N2=Celtic                    34.000 (CL-Q2nc)
     CW=St. Johnstone              6.675 (EL-Q3)
     N3=Hibernian                  6.675 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Aberdeen                   7.500 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, bbc)
(cup winner: St. Johnstone, wiki, sw, sfa)
 15 Czech Republic                27.300
     CH=Slavia Praha              43.500 (CL-Q3)
     N2=Sparta Praha              17.500 (CL-Q2nc)
     N3=FK Jablonec                7.000 (EL-Q3)
     N4=1.FC Slovácko              5.320 (ECL-Q2)
     N5=Viktoria Plzen            33.500 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, liga)
(cup winner: Slavia Praha, wiki, sw, mol)
 16 Cyprus                        26.750
     CH=Omonia Nicosia             5.550 (CL-Q2)
     CW=Anorthosis Famagusta       5.550 (EL-Q3)
     N2=Apollon Limassol          13.500 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=AEL Limassol               5.550 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Anorthosis Famagusta, wiki, sw, cfa)
 17 Switzerland                   26.400
     CH=Young Boys                35.000 (CL-Q2)
     CW=FC Luzern                  5.500 (ECL-Q3)
     N2=FC Basel                  49.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Servette FC Genève         5.245 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, sfv)
(cup winner: FC Luzern, wiki, sw)
 18 Greece                        26.300
     CH=Olympiakos Piraeus        43.000 (CL-Q2)
     CW=PAOK Thessaloniki         20.000 (ECL-Q3)
     N3=Aris Thessaloniki          5.200 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=AEK Athens                19.500 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, slgr)
(cup winner: PAOK Thessaloniki, wiki, sw, epo)
 19 Serbia                        25.500
     CH=Red Star Belgrade         32.500 (CL-Q2)
     N2=Partizan Belgrade         18.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Cukaricki Belgrade         5.350 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Vojvodina Novi Sad         5.350 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Red Star Belgrade, wiki, sw, fss, rts)
 20 Croatia                       24.875
     CH=Dinamo Zagreb             44.500 (CL-Q1)
     N2=NK Osijek                  6.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=NK Rijeka                 13.500 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Hajduk Split               8.000 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, hnl)
(cup winner: Dinamo Zagreb, wiki, sw, hns)
 21 Sweden                        22.750
     CH=Malmö FF                  18.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Hammarby IF                4.100 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=IF Elfsborg                4.100 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=BK Häcken                  4.100 (ECL-Q2)
(league 30/30: wiki)
(cup winner: Hammarby IF, wiki, sw, svff)
 22 Norway                        21.750
     CH=Bodø/Glimt                 4.200 (CL-Q1)
     N2=Molde FK                  17.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Vålerengens IF             4.200 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Rosenborg BK              14.000 (ECL-Q2)
(league 30/30: wiki, sw)
(cup: cancelled due to COVID-19, wiki)
 23 Israel                        19.625
     CH=Maccabi Haifa              4.875 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Maccabi Tel-Aviv          20.500 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=MS Ashdod                  4.875 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Hapoel Beer-Sheva         17.500 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Maccabi Tel-Aviv, wiki, sw, ifa)
 24 Kazakhstan                    19.250
     CH=Kairat Almaty              6.000 (CL-Q1)
     N2=Tobol Kustanai             3.125 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=FK Astana                 22.500 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Shakhtyor Karaganda        3.125 (ECL-Q2)
(league 20/20: wiki)
(cup: cancelled due to COVID-19, wiki, news)
 25 Belarus                       18.875
     CH=Shakhtior Saligorsk        5.250 (CL-Q1)
     CW=BATE Borisov              17.500 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Torpedo Zhodino            3.050 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Dynamo Brest               5.000 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki)
(cup winner: BATE Borisov, wiki, sw, fby)
 26 Azerbaijan                    18.750
     CH=Neftchi Baku               5.000 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Kesla FK                   3.375 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=Qarabag FK                21.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Sumgayit FK                3.375 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, af)
(cup winner: Kesla FK, wiki, sw, affa)
 27 Bulgaria                      17.375
     CH=Ludogorets Razgrad        28.000 (CL-Q1)
     CW=CSKA Sofia                 8.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=Lokomotiv Plovdiv          4.075 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Arda Kardzhali             4.075 (ECL-Q2)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, bf)
(cup winner: CSKA Sofia, wiki, sw, bfu)
 28 Romania                       16.700
     CH=CFR Cluj                  16.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Universitatea Craiova      6.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=FCSB                      21.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Sepsi OSK                  3.640 (ECL-Q2)
(league : wiki, sw, uefa, lpf)
(cup winner: Universitatea Craiova, wiki, sw, frf, gsp)
 29 Poland                        16.625
     CH=Legia Warsaw              16.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Raków Czestochowa          3.025 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Pogon Szczecin             3.025 (ECL-Q2)
     N4=Slask Wroclaw              3.025 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, 90m)
(cup winner: Raków Czestochowa, wiki, sw, 90m)
 30 Slovakia                      15.875
     CH=Slovan Bratislava          7.500 (CL-Q1)
     N2=DAC Dunajska Streda        5.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Spartak Trnava             7.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=MSK Zilina                 2.725 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, fl)
(cup winner: Slovan Bratislava, wiki, sw, sfz)
 31 Liechtenstein                 13.500
     CW=FC Vaduz                   5.500 (ECL-Q2)
(cup: abandoned due to COVID-19, LFV news, wiki, sw, lfv, vl)
 32 Slovenia                      13.000
     CH=Mura Murska Sobota         3.000 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Olimpija Ljubljana         6.750 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=NK Maribor                14.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=NK Domzale                 5.500 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, prvaliga)
(cup winner: Olimpija Ljubljana, wiki, sw, nzs)
 33 Hungary                       12.875
     CH=Ferencváros               13.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Újpest TE                  3.100 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=Puskás Akadémia            3.100 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=FC Fehérvár               11.500 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, nb1)
(cup winner: Újpest TE, wiki, sw, mlsz)
 34 Luxembourg                     8.000
     CH=CS Fola Esch               5.250 (CL-Q1)
     N2=F91 Dudelange              8.000 (ECL-Q2)
     N3=Swift Hesperange           1.650 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Racing Union Luxembourg    1.650 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, rtl, flf)
(cup: abandoned due to COVID-19, flf, wiki, sw)
 35 Lithuania                      7.875
     CH=Zalgiris Vilnius           6.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=FK Panevezys               1.750 (ECL-Q2)
     N2=Suduva Marijampole         8.750 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Kauno Zalgiris             2.000 (ECL-Q1)
(league 20/20: wiki)
(cup: FK Panevezys, wiki)
 36 Armenia                        7.625
     CH=Alashkert FC               6.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Ararat Yerevan             1.475 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=FC Noah                    1.475 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Urartu FC                  2.250 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winners: Ararat Yerevan, wiki, sw, ffa)
 37 Latvia                         7.625
     CH=Riga FC                    5.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=FK Liepaja                 4.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=RFS Riga                   2.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Valmieras FK               1.475 (ECL-Q1)
(league 27/27: wiki)
(cup: FK Liepaja, wiki)
 38 Albania                        7.375
     CH=Teuta Durrës               2.750 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Vllaznia Shkodër           1.450 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Partizani Tirana           4.250 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=KF Laçi                    4.000 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, telesport)
(cup winner: Vllaznia Shkodër, wiki, sw, fshf)
 39 North Macedonia               7.375
     CH=Shkendija Tetovo           9.000 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Sileks Kratovo             1.750 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=FK Shkupi                  3.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=FC Struga                  1.525 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, ekipa)
(cup winner: Sileks Kratovo, wiki, sw, ffm)
 40 Bosnia-Herzegovina             6.875
     CH=FK Borac Banja Luka        1.600 (CL-Q1)
     CW=FK Sarajevo                6.250 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Velez Mostar               1.600 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Siroki Brijeg              2.750 (ECL-Q1)
(league:, wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: FK Sarajevo, wiki, sw, nfsbih)
 41 Moldova                        6.750
     CH=Sheriff Tiraspol          14.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Sfântul Gheorghe           1.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=Petrocub Hîncesti          3.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Milsami Orhei              2.250 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Sfântul Gheorghe, wiki, sw, fmf))
 42 Ireland                        6.700
     CH=Shamrock Rovers            4.750 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Dundalk                   10.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=Bohemians Dublin           1.575 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Sligo Rovers               1.575 (ECL-Q1)
(league 18/18: wiki)
(cup: Dundalk, wiki)
 43 Finland                        6.500
     CH=HJK Helsinki               5.500 (CL-Q1)
     N2=Inter Turku                2.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=KuPS Kuopio                5.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Honka Espoo                1.375 (ECL-Q1)
(league 22/22: wiki)
(cup: HJK Helsinki, wiki)
 44 Georgia                        5.750
     CH=Dinamo Tbilisi             6.500 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Gagra Tbilisi              1.375 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=Dinamo Batumi              1.375 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Dila Gori                  1.375 (ECL-Q1)
(league 18/18: wiki)
(cup: Gagra Tbilisi, wiki)
 45 Malta                          5.750
     N2=Hibernians FC              3.750 (CL-Q1)
     N3=Gzira United               2.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Birkirkara                 1.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N6=Mosta FC                   1.275 (ECL-Q1)
(league 23/30, wiki, sw, uefa, mf)
(cup: abandoned due to COVID-19, wiki, sw, mfa)
(Due to COVID-19 the league and cup are prematurely terminated, *)
(The champions Hamrun Spartans are excluded by UEFA on match fixing in 2013, *)
 46 Iceland                        5.375
     CH=Valur Reykjavik            4.250 (CL-Q1)
     N2=FH Hafnarfjardar           5.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Stjarnan FC                3.250 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Breidablik                 2.250 (ECL-Q1)
(league 18/22: wiki)
(cup: abandoned due to COVID-19, wiki)
(Due to COVID-19 the league and cup are prematurely terminated, *)
 47 Wales                          5.000
     CH=Connah's Quay              4.750 (CL-Q1)
     N2=The New Saints             7.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Bala Town                  2.500 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Newtown                    1.000 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, bbc)
(cup: cancelled due to COVID-19, faw)
 48 Northern Ireland               4.875
     CH=Linfield Belfast           5.250 (CL-Q1)
     N2=Coleraine                  2.750 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Glentoran                  1.391 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Larne FC                   1.391 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, nifl)
(cup winner: Linfield Belfast, wiki, sw, ifa)
 49 Gibraltar                      4.750
     CH=Lincoln Red Imps           5.750 (CL-Q1)
     N2=Europa FC                  4.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=St Joseph's FC             2.250 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=Mons Calpe                 1.133 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, gfa)
(cup winner: Lincoln Red Imps, wiki)
 50 Montenegro                     4.375
     CH=Buducnost Podgorica        6.000 (CL-Q1)
     N2=Sutjeska Niksic            4.750 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=Decic Tuzi                 1.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N4=FK Podgorica               1.000 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, fscg)
(cup winner: Buducnost Podgorica, wiki, sw)
 51 Estonia                        4.375
     CH=Flora Tallinn              6.250 (CL-Q1)
     CW=Levadia Tallinn            3.750 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=Paide Linnameeskond        1.000 (ECL-Q1)
(league 30/30 (shortened due to COVID-19): wiki)
(cup winner: Levadia Tallinn, wiki, sw, ejl)
 52 Kosovo                         4.000
     CH=FC Prishtina               2.250 (CL-PR)
     CW=KF Llapi                   1.166 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=FC Drita                   3.500 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: KF Llapi, wiki, sw, FFK)
 53 Faroe Islands                  3.750
     CH=HB Torshavn                2.250 (CL-PR)
     N2=NSI Runavik                3.000 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=KI Klaksvik                5.250 (ECL-Q1)
(league 27/27: wiki)
(cup: HB Torshavn, wiki)
 54 Andorra                        2.831
     CH=Inter Club d'Escaldes      1.500 (CL-PR)
     CW=Sant Julià                 1.250 (ECL-Q1)
     N3=FC Santa Coloma            4.500 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa)
(cup winner: Sant Julià, wiki, sw, faf)
 55 San Marino                     0.666
     CH=Folgore                    1.000 (CL-PR)
     CW=La Fiorita                 3.250 (ECL-Q1)
     N2=Tre Penne                  2.750 (ECL-Q1)
(league: wiki, sw, uefa, fsgc)
(cup winner: La Fiorita, wiki, sw, fsgc)


CH=domestic champion
Nx=Nth ranked club
CW=cup-winner spot
LC=league cup-winner spot
CL=Champions League
EL=Europa League
ECL=Europa Conference League
GS=Group Stage
PO=Play-off Round
Qx=Qualifying Round
PR=Preliminary Round

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